Your sponsorship goes a long way in helping our student-athletes continue their journey.

We are the Original Florida Pokers Baseball Organization. Our program relies solely on monthly fees paid by the parents of the players accepted on the team as well as working with different sponsors to help in aiding in the costs incurred for such a travel program. We are based out of NW Broward County with players coming from all across South Florida. We will be scheduling tournaments throughout the state of Florida as well as other states throughout our Spring and Summer seasons.

Sponsorship Packages

Grand Slam Uniform Sponsor - $5000

This sponsorship will go towards uniforms for one of our teams for the 2024 Season.

Triples Tournament Sponsor - $2500

This sponsorship will pay for a tournament entry fee for one of our teams during the 2024 Season.

Doubles Sponsor - $1000

Singles Sponsorship - $500

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Thank you for your consideration of helping our players meet these dreams.

    **All donations will be receipted and are tax deductible**

    Current Sponsors

    EmpHire - Florida Pokers Sponsor
    Valley SBA Lending - Florida Pokers Sponsor
    TAG USA - Florida Pokers Sponsor