High School (15U – 17U)

Schedule Philosophy

Our team schedules consist of playing in the toughest tournaments with the deepest fields against the best competition amateur baseball has to offer. Having our players compete at the highest level possible allows them to develop on the field and prepare them for the next level, as well as preparing them for the adversity they will face in life on and off the baseball field. For our high school aged teams this allows our players to be seen in front of college and professional scouts.

Winning Tradition

With over 1,500 wins in program history and 9 national top 10 finishes, the Original Pokers are no stranger to success on the field. Since 2006, the Original Florida Pokers have made it to the championship game of tournaments 60+ times winning 40+ titles, including winning summer baseball’s ultimate team prizes at the 2023 (16u) Perfect Game Underclass, the 2023 (17u) Perfect Game BCS, the 2022 (16u) Perfect Game BCS and the 2014 (14u) Perfect Game World Series.

National Top 10 Finishes9
Tournament Championship Appearances Since 200670+
Tournament Championships Since 200650+


Manager: Greg Raley


Manager: Will McCrimmon


Manager: Todd FitzGerald

Youth 15U Team Roster

Sebastian Figueroa
Joey Auricchio
James Dono
Brayden Miller
Gavin Andreu
Colin Maniscalco
Jorge Kau
Nate Kaplan
Luciano Grasso
Nolan Mianowski
Matthew Berger
Alejandro Cordero
Griffin Haynes
Evan Stramanak
Brett Connor


June 2024
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Youth 16U Team Roster

Brandon Pfeifer
Zack Weisleberg
Jake Miller
Jaden Doverspike
Roman Zabala
Noah Shuback
Carter McGuinn
Blake Sundberg
Nico Sabatino
Mikael Ghann
Cade Raley
Rodney Chung
Julian Diaz
Nick Raber
Andre Suarez
Alejandro Formoso
Jake Rizzo
Gavin Broome


16U Schedule

2024-06-07 09:00:56June 7, 2024 Prospect Select Palm Beach World Series 09:00:569:00 am
2024-06-18 09:00:17June 18, 2024 Diamond Allegiance Round Robin (CFL) 09:00:179:00 am
2024-06-20 09:00:38June 20, 2024 Prospect Select Blackbear Classic (Greenville, SC) 09:00:389:00 am
2024-06-29 09:00:59June 29, 2024 Perfect Game Hoover, Ala 09:00:599:00 am
2024-07-15 09:00:21July 15, 2024 Perfect Game World Series Sanford 09:00:219:00 am
2024-07-20 09:00:45July 20, 2024 Perfect Game BCS Ft. Myers 09:00:459:00 am

Youth 17U Team Roster

#PlayerHigh SchoolGrad Class
Aaron Elissalt--
Carson Kuhns--
Marcello Young--
0Cale Lasher--
1Luke CherryMarjory Stoneman Douglas2025
2Michael Ragusa--
3Bennett Gary--
4Breylynn Courtney--
5Eddie Marshall--
8Jose Torres--
9Max Burkholz--
10Jonathan RodriguezMarjory Stoneman Douglas2025
11Nick DiazMarjory Stoneman Douglas2025
14Joey GeorgiouNSU University School2025
15Andrew Freeman--
17John Abreu--
20Johnny Lopez--
21Andrew Sarro--
22Thomas Giltner--
23Payton Jay--
24Erick TorresMarjory Stoneman Douglas2025
27Carter WojcikCoral Springs Charter2025
28Andrew Alvarez--
48Chase Wildrout--
55Zack Beyra--


15U Schedule

2024-05-24 09:00:47May 24, 2024 Perfect Game Memorial Day Ft. Myers 09:00:479:00 am
2024-06-07 09:00:17June 7, 2024 Prospect Select Palm Beach World Series 09:00:179:00 am
2024-06-22 09:00:40June 22, 2024 Perfect Game Hoover, Alabama 09:00:409:00 am
2024-06-29 09:00:04June 29, 2024 Perfect Game World Series Sanford 09:00:049:00 am
2024-07-06 09:00:28July 6, 2024 Perfect Game BCS Ft. Myers 09:00:289:00 am
2024-07-25 09:00:48July 25, 2024 Perfect Game East World Series East Cobb 09:00:489:00 am